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Gelato ice cream Cremoloso Gelato. Wholesale, luxury ice cream wholesale
Cremoloso Gelato wholesale gelato ice cream
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Premium Gelato

  • Family-owned business
  • Competitive and transparent price list, complete the form below!
  • Experience the true essence of Italian gelato and plant-based sorbetto, crafted fresh every day.
  • Choose from an extensive selection of over 100 unique flavors
  • Real Italian ingredients sourced directly from Italy and unparalleled freshness for a superior taste experience
  • Easily find comprehensive allergen and dietary information on our website
  • Accessible for businesses of all sizes. We’ve got your needs covered with Napoli, restaurant containers, or 460ml tub

What sets us apart?

  • Social Media Spotlight: your business will be featured on our social media platforms, where we actively promote our partners.
  • Continuous support: your opinion matters to us. We regularly seek your feedback on our services and products. 


Thank you for choosing us as your gelato destination, we are honored to be your business partner!

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