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Loaf Cakes

Welcome to Cremoloso. We bake fresh handmade loaf cakes every day. We take great pleasure in using the best ingredients we can source from artisanal suppliers we trust and admire. If you love something special, combine it with our delicious Gelato.

Our loaf cakes are ideal for tea parties and even for brunch, with our larger loafs serving up to 12 people. Baked to perfection, our quality never wavers from flavour to flavour. Impress your friends and family with Cremoloso’s loaf cakes. These treats are easy to transport, should you fancy a slice with your lunch break, and will be carefully delivered to your door. Our packaging is 95% compostable, biodegradable and made from plants. We are constantly looking for sustainable alternatives to our packaging, making a positive impact on the planet.

Explore our variety of loaf cakes below, handmade with care.

Panettone is an Italian type of sweet bread, historical accounts of panettone invariably state that it originated in Milan. The word panettone derives from panetto, a small loaf cake. The augmentative suffix -one changes the meaning to “large cake”. The beginnings of this cake appear to date from the Roman Empire, when ancient Romans sweetened a type of leavened cake with honey. Chiostro di Saronno panettone is still produced according to an old family recipe. Panettone is made during a long process that involves curing of the dough with the proofing process alone taking 72 hrs leavening, giving the cake its distinctive fluffy characteristics.

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