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Gelato cakes - a unique frozen dessert

Gelato Cakes – A Unqiue Frozen Dessert

Isn’t it awesome when you can combine two of your favourite things into a truly decadent dessert? Well, you can with gelato and cake for a tasty gelato cake.

A delight to taste and see, gelato cakes are the perfect frozen desserts for the summer and beyond. With these artful desserts, you can certainly transform any event into a delectable feast. So, move over boring ice cream cakes, a newer – and dare we say even more enjoyable – treat is here.


What’s a Gelato Cake?

Cakes are a long-standing staple of the dessert table. But, they can be transformed into so many other delicious dessert ideas. And that’s how our frozen dessert cake comes in. A gelato cake is where you turn two typically tasty desserts into one delicious frozen treat.

They are a great alternative to the traditional gelato bowl. So, if you’re looking for an ice cream cake, we suggest trying a gelato one instead. The flavours are delightful, you have many possibilities for designing your cake, and you can order one for any type of event. For example, we’ve made:

  • Gelato cakes for birthday parties
  • Gelato cakes for office events
  • Gelato cakes for fun days
  • Celebrating a milestone like a promotion
  • Or just a get-to-together – what are friends without a little ice cream and cake?

Plus, there are so many ways to personalise gelato cakes.


How Is a Gelato Cake Made?

Now, we’re not saying that we have the best gelato cake recipe, though some of our customers have told us that. But, for us, the best gelato cake recipe is based on freshly prepared gelato. Handcrafted from the finest all-natural ingredients and made with local produce, it’s quite easy to make this tasty treat a delight for all ages.

In building out the perfect gelato cake recipe, it also means the flavours you combine. You can get layers of your favourite flavours which you then finish off with your preferred design and toppings.

So, for example, gelato cakes can be made with a base of two or three flavours of fresh, handcrafted gelato. Then, you can embellish them with other ingredients like fruits, chocolate. They are easily customisable because you can choose whichever gelato flavours to use. And you can spice things up based on a theme, holiday, or the type of event.

We know we have fun coming up with delicious combinations and innovative designs. Sometimes our clients stun us with their weird yet tasty combinations and make us fall in love with them too. That’s because, with a gelato cake, you can choose all the fillings, flavours, and extras you want.


Looking To Order Fresh Gelato Cakes?

All Cremoloso’s mesmerising Gelato Cakes are made to order and can be customised. Choose from our variety of exquisite flavours and toppings and receive delicious gelato cakes delivered to your door!

If you have any allergy, intolerance or dietary requirement please click here.

Cremoloso is the lovechild of our two favourite hometown gelato shops. Smooth and refreshing is the ice cream we always wanted to eat and the reason we started our Gelato business. We hope you enjoy Cremoloso as we do!

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